Have an EAR-GASM
The most thrilling ride you will take (with your clothes on)


COMBAT SIMULATIONS Inc. is a new company that has spent the past six years constructing an F-16 simulator. This is a full-motion flight simulator with complete 3D-visuals. Each and every system of the F-16 has been fully implemented in our simulator, down to and including the Air Conditioner. The sim implements full ACM capabilities and will be online in mid 1997. The cost per hour will be $200, however, you do not have to take a full hour. To have your name placed on our mailing list, use either Conventional or Electronic mail.
As soon as you walk in our door, you will know that you have entered another world - the Fighter Pilot's World. An environment that not many of us have the opportunity to experience. We'll put you in our PTT (Part Task Trainer) first, in order to familiarize you with the F-16 systems, prior to climbing into the simulator. Then you will go to our squadron briefing room to get your mission briefer. You lay out the mission you want to fly and then fly it.

SOUNDS: All of the sound has been digitized from REAL F-16's, so the sounds you hear are the genuine article!


There are over 25 individual computers running the systems. Some of them are standard PC's (286,486,586), and some are custom boards based on the Intel 8751 microprocessor and designed by our engineers. All of the gages, with the exception of one, are real aircraft gages, that have been modified to work under computer control. All of the printed circuit boards were made in-house. Additionally, all of the software was written by our software engineers. All parts have been manufactured at our facility by our skilled crafstmen. It has taken over 1 million lines of source code in various programming languges from Assembler to C++ to realize this simulator.

There is over 20 miles of wire in our simulator. Each and every system has been meticulously designed, implemented and tested (played with) by our engineers. Each system has been thoroughly researched via the library, internet, flight and maintenance manuals as well as research gleaned from pilot and maintenance personnel.

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