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These pictures show the level of detail inside OUR cockpit. We have left no stone unturned in our quest for realism. We have F-16 pilots on-board who have quality checked each element of the cockpit and given it their thumbs-up.

Cockpit 1

When you climb into this cockpit and strap it on, you will be overcome with the intense realism that will engulf you. Each system that you see is FULLY functional. The weapons systems (SMS), the APG-66 pulsed doppler radar, the FCNP (Fire Control / Navigation Panel) and the HUD (Heads Up Display).

Cockpit 3

Here, you see the sim in our shop. Visible are the canopy and canopy actuator, wiring and printed circuit boards.

Cockpit 6

As you push the throttle forward, the 25,000 lb. Pratt and Whitney F100-220 engine pushes you back in your seat. Pulling on the side stick, you take off vertically, the G-suit squeezes and you are sure, you have left the ground.

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