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Combat Simulations is a privately held company that allows ANYONE to come to our facility
and climb in the cockpit of an F-16 Fighting Falcon. This is NOT a fibreglass knock-off or some
plywood and switches, this is a REAL simulator, the likes of which you have not seen before,
unless you have flown the simulators at General Dynamics (Lockheed), and even these
sims don't allow air combat.

Most simulators are merely instrument trainers, that is, they do not have air combat capabilities.

From the first moment you step in the door at Combat Simulations, you KNOW that
you have stepped into the world of the fighter pilot. We first outfit you in a flight suit,
helmet, G-suit, torso harness. Next, you will go to the briefing room, where you will be
briefed on ACM (air combat maneuvering) tactics and aerial warfare in general. We
discuss maneuvers (Yo-Yo's, scissors, etc.), energy management, corner speed, aerial
intercepts, weapons systems and deployment. You actually receive more information
about ACM than did our fighter pilots in their training for WWII.

Next, we take you to the PTT (part task trainer), which IS a cockpit mock-up.
This to familiarize you with the F-16 cockpit environment, instrument locations, systems
operations and general layout.

Next, we take you to THE simulator. Open the canopy, place the ladder on the side
and climb in. Once you're strapped in (and plugged in), you open the COMM channel
to the simulator director. He will help you initialize the systems and set up all of the
systems. Choose your targets and weapons load and complete the pre-flight checklist.
THEN, IT'S SHOW TIME. You've already kicked the tires, now it's time to light the fires!


You are at Nellis AFB, sitting on runway 36, to your left; a number of other aircraft sitting
on the ramp; to your far right; the weapons arming area. Push the throttle forward, you are
pressed back in your seat as the aircraft accelerates down the runway. Pull back on the stick
and your F-16 heads straight up. You are pressed into your seat and as you look back,
you can see the base getting smaller and smaller. Climb to 20,000 feet (quickly) and turn
to a heading of 250 degrees. Fly for a couple of minutes and there is Las Vegas; sporting
numerous targets of opportunity. Take out the pyramids!


  • A nomex flight suit
  • An Anti-G-suit
  • A flight helmet (brain bucket)
  • Training in all of the F-16's systems
  • A unique experience for the would-be fighter pilot
  • Instruction in ACM, Yo-yo's, scissors, immelmans, split-s
  • Instruction on flying an F-16
  • Instruction on the use of the Store Management System to load/configure weapons
  • Instruction on the use of the APG-66 radar to scan the skies, locate and identify bogies and splash 'em
  • Instruction on the operation of the Marconi Heads Up Display
  • Instruction on how to identify threats with the Radar Warning Receiver
  • Instruction on fuel management and weight and balance of the jet


  • Once you've signed up, we will send you a packet of literature. The amount of literature and level of detail will depend on your interests. If you want to learn the systems in great detail, we will send you a complete flight manual (our version) for the jet.

  • If you are not interested in the details of the systems, we can set all of that for you; you can do as little or as much as you like. We can set the jet up to fly like the real thing -or- we can set it up to fly more like an arcade game - your choice.

  • If your choice is to learn the details, then you will have some studying to do when you receive our package. You will not be required to memorize everything in the manual, but you will be able to familiarize yourself with the many complex systems in the aircraft. For those who really like fighter planes, this is your opportunity to really learn the jet and make your simulating experience that much more enjoyable.

  • When you are checked out and ready to fly, you will suit-up; we fit your flight suit, fit your torso harness, fit your g-suit, hand you a brain bucket, strap you in and give you the keys to a Ten million dollar simulator.

  • You will have an IP (instructor pilot) with you the whole time. He will be sitting at the flight console monitoring the flight and offering assistance if you need it. His instruments mirror what you are seeing in the cockpit. There is also a comm system which allows two-way radio communication.

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